Teething Questions & Answers

Q1. At what age do babies start

Q2. Do babies go off feeding when teething?

Q3. What problems does teething cause?

Q4. Do babies go off milk when teething?

Q5. Are yellow stools normal when teething?

Q6. What are the best painkillers for teething babies?

Q7. When will I see my baby's first tooth?

Q8. Is there a warning that my baby is about to start teething?

Q9. What are the signs that my baby has started teething?

Q10. What are milk teeth?

Q11. How long does teething last for?

Q12. Does teething cause babies to develop 'the runs?'

Q13. Can teething cause an upset stomach and sickness?

Q14. Why does my baby's wee have a strong smell?

Q15. If a baby is tugging its ears does it mean it is teething?

Q16. What can be done about biting during breastfeeding?

Q17. What is 'drool rash?'

Q18. Which teeth appear first during teething?

Q19. At what age does the last tooth appear?

Q20. What is teething gel?

Q21. Are teething biscuits a good idea?

Q22. What is the best teething item?

Q23. What are 'amber teething necklaces?'

Q24. Why is teething painful?

Q25. Why is my baby chewing all the time?

Q26. Should I give my baby a teething dummy?

Q27. What can I do to make teething easier for my baby?

Q28. When should I start taking my baby to the dentist?

Q29. At what age should I start cleaning my baby's teeth?

Q30. Is teething worse for a toddler than a baby?

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