Bringing Up Children

Bringing up a child is one of the most important jobs in our society. It is an immensely rewarding yet at times, challenging job which makes heavy demands on both parents. Plus it has become increasingly expensive as well.

Being a parent is a full time job. It is 24/7 with no annual leave, sick pay or holiday pay.

Childrearing costs

According to an article in the Money section of The Guardian (dated 24th February 2011), the costs of raising a child from birth to 21 is now a whopping £210,000.

That's a lot of money isn't it? Yet who can put a price on bringing up future generations as they are needed to ensure that we as people survive.

The right and wrong way of bringing up children

Everyone is an expert when it comes to bringing up children: we suspect that you have been given unlimited (and sometimes unasked for) advice about the best way of bringing up your little one.

Everyone from your mother to your work colleagues has probably passed on a few bits of advice which – most of the time – is helpful. But it is when you get conflicting information or are told that you are doing something wrong that causes problems.

Let's be honest: no-one is born knowing everything there is to bringing up a child. We have to learn the skills necessary to do so and very often it is a case of trial and error.

The perfect parent does not exist.

The way you bring up your child is most likely dictated by the way you were raised. Your home environment, attitudes and values will have shaped you and consequently, will be passed onto your child.

Role model

As a parent you are a role model for your child. You are the person they will look to for love, support and guidance on a day to day level. You are also there to set boundaries and enforce discipline as and when necessary.


The issue of discipline is a highly controversial one. Arguments are still continuing over the best way of disciplining a child and how often. Smacking is seen as no longer acceptable so other forms of punishment are needed but as we all know, every parent has their ideas about what constitutes a suitable form of punishment'.

Some parents are stricter than others.

Family time

You have probably heard the expression 'quality time' which refers to the time children spend with their parents. It is beneficial for both parties but is becoming increasingly difficult in our busy lives.

And our lives appear to be getting busier and busier.

We work longer hours than before which means that we have less time to spend with our children. Both parents have to go out to work to pay the mortgage/rent, bills and food which are going up all the time.

But let's not get started on the rising price of petrol as well.

Plus many children spend long periods of time in front of a computer or television or playing with a games console. They particularly enjoying using their mobile phone and will spend hours on that. Many children take part in sport and other activities and will have set days that they do these activities.

So it is a case of setting aside a part of the day when the family are together such as mealtimes although what often happens is that children eat separately from their parents. Another option is to arrange days out for both parents and children such as a trip to the park.

This helps to improve communication and relationships between parents and children.