Teething and Wind

This is not something people associate with teething but it does happen. There are babies who become 'windy' during teething which tends to be caused by the extra saliva they produce. If this saliva is swallowed it releases an enzyme which then upsets the stomach (causes it to become acidic), causing several other side effects such as vomiting and unfortunately, wind.

If you have a family pet then you can blame the dog for any excess wind but the reality is that it is likely to be your little one who is bottom burping.

Is this excess wind caused by teething or is it a sign of something else?

Excess wind can be caused by other reasons apart from teething. There are parents whose baby is more 'windy' than others which may be due to trapped wind. Trapped wind is very painful for babies and causes bloating, tummy pain and indigestion amongst other symptoms.

If your baby cries, draws his legs up or has indigestion then there is a good chance he has trapped wind. So, you may want to check that your baby has trapped wind rather than teething induced wind. But these symptoms are also a sign of colic so ask your health visitor or doctor for advice. Excess wind can also be caused by different foods or an upset tummy which need to be ruled out.

The younger the baby the more prone it is to wind and this is especially the case with babies which cry a lot. Each time the baby cries he/she swallows air which becomes trapped in their stomach and causes pain. This in turn increases their crying.