Teething and Calpol

We are sure that as parents, you are more than familiar with Calpol. Calpol is used as a cure for most childhood diseases such as coughs, colds and teething and this sticky pink coloured liquid has, for many parents, become a firm favourite.

What is Calpol?

If you are not familiar with Calpol then here is a brief description:

It is a type of medicine, specially designed for children, which contains paracetamol. Paracetamol is a proprietary over the counter medicine which acts as a painkiller and is taken by millions of people worldwide. This medicine is available as a sticky liquid which kids love the taste of and is used to treat a range of symptoms such as fever, teething pains and headaches.

Many parents give their babies Calpol when they are teething as this medicine eases the pain caused by teething plus it is sugar free as well.

Calpol products

There are a range of products which include teething gel, soothing syrup, nasal spray and tablets. There have been concerns raised about the overuse of this product. It has become a 'holy grail 'where many parents are concerned who use it for any childhood complaint. But there is a risk of health problems from over enthusiastic prescribing of this product. Experts have advised parents to treat this medicine with respect. It may look and taste nice but it is a drug which can have serious side effects if misused.

Do not give this to a baby or toddler who has trouble sleeping or remaining calm. It is not designed to be a pacifier.