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Bonjela Teething Gel Comments

“I used Bonjela but also tried other things like teething rings and that powder which you put on your baby’s tongue.  Can’t remember what it is called.  Bonjela worked for me but you have to find what works for your baby as all babies are different”. Lisa, 1st Jan 2011

“Bonjela worked really well as all you do is put it on your baby’s gums which calm him down. I know it is often used for mouth ulcers but it also worked well with teething”. Su, 23rd Feb 2011

“I squirted a bit onto my finger and rubbed it around his gums. He stopped crying almost straightaway so I used it several times whilst he was teething.  Each time I did this he would stop crying and was a lot calmer”. Andy P., 25th Feb 2011

“It contains a local anaesthetic which eases the pain of the teeth which are pushing through the gums.  It’s a bit like when you bite on your gum by accident which hurts so it is the same for a baby”. Jenny Loft, 1st Mar 2011

“I tried the rings, biscuits and teething pegs but found that Bonjela worked the best. Your baby does a lot of crying and drooling when she is teething so you end up trying all sorts of things like the teething rings or rusks but Bonjela seemed to work better than anything else”. Amy White, 8th Mar 2011

“I used Calpol and the rings but found that Bonjela did the trick. I know there are different types of gel but the Bonjela teething gel (I think it is called that) was nice and soothing on my baby’s gums”. Lilly, 19th Mar 2011

“I read somewhere that dipping your finger in alcohol and then rubbing on your baby’s gums when they are teething does help but I didn’t try this. I used Bonjela instead and that worked for me”. Mikey, 19th Mar 2011

“You get a lot of sleepless nights when they are teething so anything which stops them from chewing on your fingers or nipples is great. My little one would bite my hands as well as his brothers and sisters. I know other mums use the teething rings but I used the Bonjela gel and that eased my little one’s gums”. Jasmine, 1st June 2011

Nelson’s ‘Teetha’ Teething Granules Comments

“I used Teetha and found that this powder (granules) helped calm down my little boy. I used to place this on his tongue and noticed that he stopped crying pretty quickly and was calm for the rest of the afternoon”. Anonymous, 15th Jan 2011

“I used the granules – I think it is called ‘Teetha’ – and found that it worked.  All you do is put it in your baby’s mouth, usually the tongue, and it seems to calm them down pretty quickly”. Sandy, 19th Jan 2011

“Teething can be a nightmare as your little one is crying all the time, is so cranky and difficult to deal with. So you end up trying anything to stop them crying which makes you less frazzled as well.  The teething granules are easy to use and don’t cause any harm to your baby”. Avril, 23rd Jan 2011

“My daughter was a bit of a pain when she was teething.  I know they can’t help it as the teeth are pushing through which is hurting them and they cry as a result. I tried a range of things like teething rings, biscuits and their dummy but found that the granules eased the pain which stopped her crying”. Kate P, Feb 2011

“These granules are so easy to use.  I tried them with my baby as he was always dribbling, chewing everything and developed severe nappy rash when he was teething.  He was crying a lot and nothing seemed to help so I tried these granules”. Julie Andrews, 23rd Mar 2011

“These are tiny granules which come in a packet.  All you have to do is tip the packet up and pour the granules into your baby’s mouth.  They don’t contain any chemicals or anything like that so are safe to use and calm your baby down”. Mag, 18th Apr 2011

“I used Teetha granules after trying a few other things and noticed that my baby calmed down as soon as she had these granules. Not sure what is in them but they didn’t cause any bad effects and helped to calm my baby.  They cry a lot more when they are teething which means that you don’t get any sleep so these granules were a lifesaver”. Anonymous, 28th Apr 2011

Amber Teething Necklace Comments

“I used an amber teething necklace. This looks like an ordinary necklace but is made of amber beads. These beads contain an oil which is released into your baby’s skin as they wear it. I think it is the contact between the beads and the heat of your baby’s skin which causes them to release this oil. Cathy, 7th Jan 2011

This oil gets under their skin and seems to calm them down. There must be something in the oil but whatever it is it stops them crying”. Nina, 3rd Feb 2011

“Not really heard of these before but a friend of mine mentioned about these necklaces so I thought I would give it a go.  I had tried the biscuits, rings and other things but the necklace worked best for me”. Shaz, 22nd Feb 2011

“You put this necklace around your baby’s neck which they then wear all the time. The oils in the necklace are absorbed into the skin which calms your baby and stops them from crying.  I tried one of these necklaces and noticed that my son was a lot calmer after wearing it”. Nahia, 12th Mar 2011

“I tried the teething necklace as well and noticed the same thing.  My baby looked really cute wearing this but the best thing was that it stopped her crying.  The beads contain a type of oil which whatever it is; it seeps under their skin and calms then down.  My baby liked wearing this and I guess the oil must ease the pain of teething”. Mini Marshall, 14th Apr 2011

“There is a similar type of necklace for parents: it doesn’t contain any oils but your baby can chew on it. It is made of wood I think but your baby is able to pull on it and chew it when their teeth hurt”. Jay, 28th Apr 2011

“I got one of these for my daughter as she went through a bad time when she was teething.  She was crying all the time, had bad nappy rash and was drooling a lot.  I had heard about these necklaces from other mums so ordered one off the internet.  My daughter loved wearing it and it helped her when she was teething.  This necklace has little glass beads which are worn next to the skin and these release an oil.  This oil gets into the skin and acts as a soother which stops them crying”.  Anonymous, 18th May 2011

Calpol Comments

“I tended to give them Capol when both of mine were teething. There is a type you can get which is specially designed for teething which I used and found that it eased the pain and fever caused by teething”. Gina, 16th Jan 2011

“Your baby often gets a temperature, is crying a lot and gets other symptoms such aches and pains but Capol is good in that it stops these”. Dr Sethi, 25th Feb 2011

“I used Capol with all of my kids and found that it eased the symptoms you get with teething.  You find that your baby gets a fever, upset stomach, rash around their mouth and is a bit off when they are teething.  But I used to give them a couple of spoons of Calpol which calmed them down. It also helps them to sleep as well”. Cass, 16th Mar 2011

“I know there are people who give their babies Calpol just to help them sleep so I think you have to be a bit careful when you use this.  It is a popular medicine but should be given for teething or when your baby has a cold, earache or anything else that they always pick up at this age. I don’t know whether you should give it to a baby just to get them to sleep”. Jayne, 19th Mar 2011

“I used the teething rings and the biscuits but also used Calpol as well. You do tend to try anything when they are teething as they cry more than usual and you don’t like seeing them upset.  I found that Calpol worked as well as anything”. Jon, 19th Mar 2011

“I used Calpol and Calgel as well.  Calgel is a teething gel which you rub onto your baby’s gums and this stops any pain. It contains a local anaesthetic which eases the pain and is easy to use as well.  I found both of these helped me but as the others have said you have to try different things such as the rings or biscuits until you find that works for you”. Lilly P, 3rd Apr 2011

“Teething rings helped me when my son was teething but I also used Calpol.  It is a sticky, sweet type of medicine which babies love and seems to work better than anything else”. Cat, 1st Jun 2011

Teething Rings Comments

“Oh let me think. I think I just used teething rings & put them in the fridge. I know she loved rusks which seemed to help more”. Beatrice, 11th Feb 2011

“I tried teething rings which worked better than other things. Tried various rings and found these helped to ease the pain and the constant chewing.  My baby was always trying to chew my hand so I gave him a teething ring instead”.  Maggie, 22nd Feb 2011

“What did work was putting these rings in the fridge to chill them before giving them to him to chew on. I also gave him Calpol which helped”. Maggie, 29th Mar 2011

“I tried teething rings and those biscuits which look like pegs but found that she preferred the teething ring especially when it had been put in the fridge”. Sandy, 4th Apr 2011

“I tried the teething rings and a dummy. They like the rings as they are easy to suck or chew and they seem to help ease the pain of teething”.

“Teething rings have been going for years but still work.  I used teething rings with my two babies and both of them chewed away quite happily on these.  This works better if you put them in the fridge before using them as I did this with my two and they liked these chilled rings. You can get rings which contain a gel and when these are chilled they help to soothe their sore gums”. Prescot, 22nd Apr 2011

“I used the rings as well as a set of keys (rubber car keys), gels and biscuits. I must have tried lots of teething things as you are that tired and stressed when they are teething. You are looking for anything which helps as they are tired and cranky when they are teething”. Anonymous, 2nd June 2011   

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