Teething Powders

Teething powders are another form of treatment which helps to ease the signs of teething. It is taken orally and is kind to the teeth and stomach.

How do teething powders work?

A spoonful of this powder is placed on your baby's tongue or directly into his/her mouth and then swallowed. It helps to settle an upset stomach caused by the production of excess saliva during teething. Many parents report that their babies stop crying or settle down straight after swallowing these powders.

Are there are lactose free powders?

However, if your baby is lactose intolerant then avoid giving him/her these powders. What do we mean by 'lactose intolerant?' This is a condition where a baby is unable to digest a substance known as lactose which is a sugar found in milk. This is contained in both breast and bovine (cow) milk. This intolerance causes a range of symptoms such as a stomach upset and diarrhoea. This is usually affects adults rather than babies as babies have a high tolerance to lactose which is an inherited trait. This trait enables them to breastfeed. But there are some babies who cannot tolerate lactose which means changing to a lactose free alternative.

What has this to do with teething powders?

Many brands of teething powders contain lactose. So, if your little one is allergic to milk or is classed as lactose intolerant then choose a lactose free version. These powders can be bought at any chemist's or an online pharmacy.

Another option which is similar to these is teething granules.