Are yellow stools normal when teething?

The subject of stools may not seem like a pleasant thing to discuss but your baby's stools will change colour quite often and not always as a result of teething.

Teething can cause a change in the colour and consistency of their stools which is mainly due to them swallowing their saliva during this time.

We know that babies produce copious amounts of saliva when teething and this usually ends up being swallowed. This excess drool has got to go somewhere and whilst much of it ends up over toys, the furniture, the dog, you; a fair amount ends up your baby's stomach as well.

Excess saliva and excess acid equals extra stools (that's poo to you and me).

One thing to remember is that your baby's stools will differ in colour depending upon whether they are breastfed or bottle fed. The stools of a baby that is breastfed tend to be runny in consistency whereas those of a bottle fed baby are firmer looking and have a darker colour.

Plus a baby's stools changes to a yellow colour when they first start on milk (breast fed or bottle fed) so don't be surprised to see this. The time to be concerned is if they become watery, strong smelling or contain blood; or if they are green or very pale coloured which may be sign of an illness such as jaundice.

If this is the case then see your GP.

What can cause a change of colour and texture of your baby's stools is if he or she switches from breastfeeding to a bottle. This change may upset your baby's digestive system and result in constipation. So do this gradually.

Yellow stools are usually associated with breastfed babies so if you are nursing your baby then this is entirely normal. The only change to this is if you notice that your baby is displaying the signs of teething such as drooling, sore gums and crying. If she is then her yellow stools are one of several symptoms of teething which will settle down in time.

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