Teething and Vomiting

Strange as this may appear there are babies who are sick whilst teething. This often happens in combination with other symptoms such as an upset tummy, diarrhoea and wind. Excess saliva produced at this time appears to be the main culprit. Your baby will be dribbling like crazy and this dribble (or drool) has got to go somewhere, usually the stomach. As your little one digests this saliva, the acids contained within it irritate his/her stomach.

A baby has a delicate stomach and digestive system in general and as a result of this is prone to stomach upsets and the like. Many babies who are teething often experience vomiting and diarrhoea which is not an ideal combination for parents to deal with.

Does teething cause vomiting?

There are arguments for and against vomiting caused by teething. Some people argue that vomiting is more than likely caused by an illness such as a viral infection or 'stomach bug'whereas others state that their child is sick when teething. You may be lucky and have a baby that is not sick when their teeth are emerging. But there are other parents who report that their little one has been vomiting at this time. If your baby is prone to an upset tummy then don't be surprised if he/she is sick whilst teething. There are babies and toddlers who often get a stomach bug or are prone to being sick at times. Then there is the possibility that this vomiting is a sign of another condition such as an ear infection, stomach bug or some other childhood illness.

It is not usual for babies to vomit whilst teething but this is a general rule of thumb only. There will always be some babies (and this may include your little one) who are exceptions to the rule.

Dealing with teething-related vomiting

Here is a tip for you: do not wear your best clothes whilst cuddling your teething baby "especially if he or she is feeling nauseous. It goes without saying that jiggling him up and down to comfort him will have a rather unfortunate effect! Wear old clothes or something over your best clobber to avoid any unfortunate incidents. But if it happens which it invariably does then reassure your little one and change into something clean. You might want to keep some cloths and cleaning solution to hand "just in case! If your baby is being sick on a regular basis then speak to your GP as this may be a sign of a stomach bug or another similar infection.