Teething granules

These are similar to teething powders in that they are ingested orally and work by easing the symptoms of teething. These granules are available as a homeopathic remedy for teething and are sold in packets. You open one of these packets and empty the contents into your baby's mouth. These granules are sugar free and contain a natural substance called 'chamomilla'which soothes the pain caused by emerging teeth. They work in the same way as a teething powder and many parents find that have an almost instant effect. As soon as their little one has swallowed these granules they become calmer and settle down to sleep.

What is the difference between teething powders and teething granules?

There is very little difference. The powders have a smooth appearance whereas the granules are gritty looking. But they are both effective at dealing with some of the miserable signs of teething. Wherever you buy these granules from, follow the instructions provided. They contain natural ingredients only: no artificial substances or additives so can be given to new babies. One example of teething granules is Nelson's Teetha Teething granules. These granules are made from natural ingredients and work by easing the pain caused by teething which then relaxes your baby. All you do is tip these granules into your baby's mouth or drop them in via a spoon. These granules dissolve naturally in your baby's mouth and work by soothing and relaxing your baby. Plus they ease the symptoms of teething.