Teething Chart

You may find it helpful to refer to our teething chart when trying to work out which teeth appear first in your baby. You can note down the date and the age of your baby as each tooth appears. Basically there are 20 milk teeth in all. There are ten of these in the upper jaw and ten in the lower jaw. These teeth appear in pairs. This is a guide only. All babies are different and develop at different rates. Your baby may be born with a tooth in place or reach their first birthday without a single tooth in their head. Don't panic! Your baby's teeth are not governed by his/her health, what he/she eats or how he/she behaves (hmmm). Their milk teeth will appear when they are good and ready.

Your baby should have all of their milk teeth (20 in total) in place by the age of two and a half or three at the latest. If they haven't then your baby is either a 'late teether'or there might bean underlying problem. Find out more in our late teething article.

Note: we have emphasised 'might be' as there is often a very good reason why this has not happened. Try not to worry (easier said than done!) and speak to your doctor or dentist if you are concerned.