Amber Teething Necklace

This is a teething treatment which is proving to be very popular with many parents. It consists of a necklace made from amber beads which contain a special healing oil (amber). This necklace is worn by the baby: once it comes into contact with the baby's skin the heat from the skin causes the beads to release this oil which is then absorbed into the skin and the bloodstream. Amber oil works by easing the pain caused by teething.

Do not let your little one use this as a fancy type of teething ring! It looks visually appealing and this plus the fact that it consists of small, round, objects which are potentially chewable is very tempting to the teething baby. Amber teething necklaces vary in terms of colour, shape and design. So there is quite a range for you to choose from. But please don't let your baby get his fledgling teeth on these.

Plus make sure you buy a necklace which contains authentic, top quality amber, e.g. Baltic amber. As with anything in life, there are plenty of imitations out there so choose carefully.

Is there a risk of choking?

These necklaces are designed in such a way so that they do not break or come apart. They are 'double knotted' which means that they are fairly indestructible but if they do break then there will no small pieces which can cause choking. You will find that your little one will practically live in this necklace especially if you have a little girl. Your little lady will look great in this and will feel comforted at the same time.

For some parents this is preferable to medicines or other teething aids.

How to wear an amber teething necklace

This necklace is worn in much the same way as a conventional necklace. Just place this necklace around your baby's neck and leave it there. Your baby can wear this continuously, even at night and without any ill effects.

There are necklaces which are designed to be chewed but this does not include amber teething necklaces. Be careful when looking at teething necklaces that you choose one which states clearly that it can be chewed; rather than finding that you have bought an amber necklace which is off limits in regard to chewing.