Teething Gels

Teething gels are another useful aid for dealing with the symptoms of teething. They contain a local anaesthetic and an antiseptic which when applied to baby's sore gums, soothes any inflammation in this area. They contain only a small amount of a mild anaesthetic so are safe to use but make sure that you purchase the type of gel specifically aimed at teething babies. The reason for stating this is that there are gels which are designed as a general pain relief for children and adults. These types of gels are not suitable for babies so ensure that you choose the right one. Your pharmacist will be able to advise you as can your GP.

How does a teething gel work?

This is easy to do. Simply squirt a small amount of gel onto your finger and then apply this to your baby's gums. Rub this around their gums very gently. Follow any advice or instructions given with the gel.

Types of teething gel

Bonjela teething gel is safe and easy to use, even on babies as young as 2 months old. It is sugar free and tastes great as well. Dentinox is another type of gel which is also sugar free and has a pleasant taste as well.Anbesol is another option. It works in the same way as the other two types of gels and is safe to use. Do not use a teething gel if you are breastfeeding as they often numb the tongue as well as the gums which prevent your baby from sucking properly on your nipple. A teething gel mustn't be applied to the gums more times than is stated on the instructions.