Teething Symptoms

Teething can be a difficult time although some babies sail through this process without any problems. But most babies experience some symptoms although you are more likely to see many of the signs of teething when the molars appear.

The thing to remember is that not every tooth will cause pain and discomfort. Some teeth emerge far more easily than others and for no apparent reason. But there is a good reason for this discomfort in the case of the molars which are big, hefty looking teeth. So maybe it isn't unreasonable of your baby to express his or her disapproval at this time. As parents, what are the signs of teething so that you know what to expect? Forewarned is forearmed as they say.

The following teething symptoms are discussed as a series of individual articles within this section. They include:

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What causes the symptoms of teething?

These symptoms are a direct result of the milk teeth pushing their way through the gums. Plus the movement of these teeth is happening in the jaw which is still developing at this time. Call this a double whammy if you like. Your baby has not only the development of their jawbone to deal with but the breaking through of their teeth. This would be bad enough for an adult to cope with so imagine what it is like for a baby. Mind you, babies are far more resilient than you realise and tend to cope better with milestones such as these. Your baby may one of those who show a 'stiff upper lip' during this process.