Teething Keys

These look very similar to an ordinary set of house keys but they are in fact, another useful teething aid. Plus they provide a safe and better alternative to your car keys! Yes, you will find that Junior has a habit of chewing on anything he can find so whatever is in reach is fair game as far as he is concerned. Your baby will chew to ease the pain caused by his or her new teeth pushing through and rubber teething toys or keys are a good choice.

Types of teething keys

These keys are made from rubber or some other similar material and are brightly coloured and fun looking. They contain a gel like substance which acts as a balm for sore gums. These keys are fun to play with and can help with motor skills such as learning about difference sized objects and textures. These keys will teach your baby about how to manipulate an object in space. He or she will learn how to grip an object and to move it around. They are a lightweight object which is a good thing as many babies like to hit themselves over the head with these: or it is more likely to be your head which comes into contact with these keys. If your little one decides to throw these keys at you then be thankful that they weigh very little and will only bounce off your head. This is a better option than your little one throwing your actual car keys at your head which will hurt!

These teething keys are easy to keep clean and any drool (yes, there will be plenty of that) can be wiped off. Do not place these in the freezer with the aim of giving your little one something chilled to chew. Teething objects such as keys, rings and toys can be put in the fridge as this will nicely chill them before being given to your baby. A cold teething aid is comforting for sore gums. But a teething aid which has been put in the freezer is too cold and carries a risk of ice burns.

There are several types of teething keys to choose from. This is a brightly coloured type of teething product which contains a soothing gel for sore gums. Some manufacturers sell teething keys which can be placed in the fridge beforehand to chill. Nothing beats the feeling of a chilled key on sore baby gums.