The Tooth Fairy Visits

Many of us have been visited by the tooth fairy when we were young which turned out to be financially rewarding at times although this may not be the case due to the present economic climate.

Not sure if the tooth fairy visits during a recession…but this would be an even better time to do so.

Did you think of a shiny coin underneath your pillow when you had a loose baby tooth? You would wait for the baby tooth to fall out or if it was reluctant to fall, would coax it out usually by pulling or tugging it.

Who is the tooth fairy?

If you are in the minority of people who are not familiar with the tooth fairy then here is a brief history of that lucrative little lady.

The tooth fairy is a little fairy who gives money to a child who has lost a baby tooth. The child places the baby tooth underneath their pillow before they go to bed and wakes up in the morning to find that this has been exchanged for money.

The amount of money left varies between households which means that the tooth fairy obviously varies in her generosity.

You don't believe in the tooth fairy? If you don't then you have missed out on one of the most delightful aspects of being a child. The exchange of a tooth for a coin is a sign that your child is growing up and this is a way of celebrating that.

The tooth fairy even leaves a trail of fairy dust so she does exist.

This is a popular custom in not only the UK but in other parts of the world such as the US.

What is the going rate for a baby tooth?

That rather depends on the household. The tooth fairy may leave 50 pence for a tooth but in others she may leave as much as a £1. If the going rate for a tooth has increased then it could be due to inflation which is great news for the child but not so good for the tooth fairy.

If inflation continues to go up then the tooth fairy may have to file for bankruptcy.

For a parent, the tooth fairy is, along with Santa Claus, one of those reminders of a child's innocence. Make the most of this fairy tale as children grow up very quickly these days and stop believing in the tooth fairy at an earlier age than we did.